Our plant hammocks are the perfect addition to any home and make every porch even more inviting!

Inspired by clean Mid-Century lines, the Pothos plant hammock is a simple square knot pattern with 3 individual braids that connect beneath the pot rather tha our classic net style. Each plant hammock is handmade and constructed with recycled cotton rope and hanging from a natural wooden ring.

All Pothos plant hangers can fit a variety of size pots, from 4" to 12" wide pot and are extremely durable.


  • Designed and Handmade in California.
  • Crafted with recycled cotton rope in a variety of colors.
  • Each original hammock measures 36" in length.
  • Orders ship within 1-3 days of order date.


Each plant hammock is handmade and unique, therefore measurements and colors can range slightly due to dye lots and natural materials.

Pothos Plant Hammock